I Wish This Was Unnecessary

by Bonchamps

In the wake of all politicized tragedies, it is necessary to restate things that would not have to be restated if there weren’t a loud, powerful minority of leftists in the United States who are aggressive enemies of individual rights and the basic premises of liberty. In no particular order:

1. I will not give up my guns. I am a law-abiding, tax-paying citizen who believes that deadly force can only ever be justified in self-defense or in the context of a just war (which would have something to do with defense). I am not a criminal, and I am not mentally ill. I will not surrender my 2nd amendment rights. You cannot manipulate me with guilt or fear into doing so.

2. I will not give up on free speech. The left is exploding with tweets, posts, memes, headlines, articles, etc. blaming everything from the most lukewarm and mainstream conservative outlets to the most far-right outfits imaginable for what happened in Charleston. I can say that as someone who is very far to the right on most issues (with a couple of important exceptions), I would have shot Dylann Roof myself if I could have to prevent him from doing what he did. I can also say that I will not be guilted, shamed, or harassed into changing my political views by people who shamelessly exploit this shooting. Nor will I ever work to deprive anyone else of their 1st amendment rights to fly a Confederate flag or any other sort of flag.

3. I won’t call Roof a “terrorist” just because you think I should. It is debatable whether or not Roof can be classified as a “terrorist.” Thus far, it does not appear that he has ties to a terrorist organization, or any organized racist group. It does not appear that he was acting on behalf of or in solidarity with such a group, much less executing a terrorist plot. Rather it appears that he is a mentally disturbed young man, heavily into drugs, whose “mission” was nothing but a product of his deluded and drug-addled brain. Further investigation may reveal otherwise.

The point is, I will not refer to him as a “terrorist” simply because he is white to balance things out. If and when he meets some of the basic criteria outlined above, I will be happy to call him a terrorist – just like I have no problem referring to Timothy McVeigh as a terrorist. It is also senseless to call him a “thug”; he wasn’t part of a gang and he didn’t identify with and glorify criminal sub-cultures. You want me to call a white criminal a thug? Fine – those bikers in Waco who went on a shooting spree (only killing each other, thank God)  – they were all vicious lowlife thugs and they should all be shot too. Happy?

4. I will support Rand Paul and black conservatives/libertarians. Many of them are asking white leftists: Please Stop Helping Us. Rand Paul is calling for enterprise-zones in blighted urban areas. The welfare state has failed. Leftist political administrations have failed. And above all, radical sexual liberation has failed the poor. It sounds trite, and I can’t expand upon it as much right now as I would like, but black conservatives with our support must bring the three F’s to their communities: faith, family and (economic) freedom. More economic freedom = more businesses, more investment, more jobs. Faith + family = social support network to minimize and/or remove the “support” of a cold, indifferent and incompetent bureaucracy.