Feminist Jihad

by Bonchamps

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for religious and ideological fanatics.

There was the attack we are all familiar with in Garland, TX, carried out by Islamic fanatics. I’ve already discussed that in a previous post. While I do criticize Pamela Geller and question the morality and efficacy of her methods, I absolutely defend her right to free speech.

You may not have heard about the feminist fanatics, however. We are accustomed to public rage, temper tantrums, “slut walks”, public shaming and ruining of opponents, forced apologies, and the like; in Europe the group FEMEN will often take it up a notch further (though they often just end up making us laugh).  Now, in a strange reproduction of horseshoe theory on a different plane, radical feminists are taking a page from ISIS and Al Qaeda and issuing violent threats. One target was a company that launched a weight-loss advertising campaign in the UK which featured images of women displeasing to feminists. Another was a GamerGate social event in Washington DC.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone who has followed the feminist movement over the years. Since the 1960s, feminism has wed itself to socialism and become totalitarian in spirit and practice. The “equality” that it seeks is not the classical liberal concept of equality under the law, which was the aim of first-wave feminism. It is rather a leveling that could only come at the expense of individual liberty and rights, not only of men, but also women who want nothing to do with radical egalitarian and collectivist ideologies.

We must never forget that the “social justice warrior” version of feminism does not only oppose and hate men; it opposes and hates the vast majority of women as well. We might also keep in mind that the feminist terrorists who issued these threats are quite similar to the Islamic terrorists who issue and carry out similar threats; they are an outraged minority who hold millions of other people hostage with their madness. Just as I would caution against going off the deep-end that some men’s rights advocates do into genuine misogyny, I would caution against full-blown “Islamophobia.” Let us remember that among the greatest crimes of each set of terrorists is that they commit horrific acts in the name of millions who would have nothing to do with them.